There is a person called Eric Dubay who claims to offer 200 proofs that the earth is flat. He is wrong in every way. 

He doesn’t really offer 200 proofs, because he repeats himself again and again.

They aren’t ‘proofs’  because they are consistently wrong, illogical, based on false statements or on misunderstandings. 

And the earth really isn’t flat!

I don't expect you to take my word for that. It's the last thing I'd want. 

Please read these refutations, follow up the evidence links, try the experiments I suggest so that you can see for yourself. 

I’ve tried to make these replies understandable to everybody, with no more technical stuff than is absolutely necessary to make  the point. I’ve also suggested ways that you can test the important questions for yourself.
I’ve written many of these replies myself, but sometimes I’ve drawn on other peoples work online. If you want to explore further, try these sources to get you started:

200 Proofs Earth is not flat
A mix of the basic evidence in science and mathematics, with lots of fact-checking.

200 Reasons why flat-earthers are simply wrong
A blog by a physicist and bit more technical than mine. Good if you want the arguments in more detail and gives some different source links:

Rebuttals and Refutations -200 Proofs: Examined 

Looks harder at some of Dubay’s earlier claims:

Finally, this isn’t a reply to Dubay in particular, but to all Flat Earthism:

Top 10 Ways to know the Earth is not flat


  1. Good work. Flatearth is funny, but it is necessary to refute.

  2. Wont make a jot of difference to a flat earther, however if this blog is seen by 1 person and they understand it, then its worthwhile. Personally if it wasn't for the fact I am atheist, you would be a saint. Cracking job

  3. There's absolutely no hard scientific proof of the heliocentric model (It would be all over the news and the heliocentric/geocentric debate would be closed) All the heliocentric calculations are purely conjecture. You methods and summaries are deliberately ingenuous.

    1. I think you may mean disingenuous? The news rarly reports informtion that is centuries old. But I do seem to remembers some talk about a --- moon landing? Yes, I know, all fake...

  4. Thank you for your post. This is excellent information. It is amazing and wonderful to visit your site.

    Flat earth forum

    They've closed the blog
    Is there a replacement?

  6. I feel sorry you’re in such denial about the FE. A lot, if not most, of your “refutations” are argued purely out of emotion and what you think to be empirical proof; often contradicting yourself and you attack-usations, lol. You’d started with #1: Showing an image from a fisheye lens; then claiming that FE’ers are always using this to prove. Uhh yeah, of course its used as proof. I’d encourage you to do some research on the extensive footage done by amateur weather balloonist, with footage as high as 20+ miles up, all showing a perfectly flat and horizontal horizon 360degrees. And while watching that footage, go ahead and consider Proof #2. The horizon always appears flat and rises with the height of the viewer. That’s exactly what you’re seeing in the footage. To go ahead and disprove curvature, lets look at Viewable Distances. On a Globe Earth, one would only be able to view an object at x-amount of distance away, before curvature removes the object from view, as a result of the dipping away of the horizon. See Amateur Photographers using the zoom from Nikon p900s. I’m not going to get into the math, bc its late, but from the circumference of the earth (~25k miles), you have a radius of 3965. From the Pythagorean Theory, curvature should come into effect at 8in/mile squared. There’s documented footage of viewing objects that are 20+ miles away. Battleships use lasers to target objects much, much father away than “Curvature” should allow. And as Lasers are perfectly straight, how can this be done if the earth curves in the manner we’ve all been told, and are still being told? The answer is simple: It Cannot. And it Does Not. Let’s talk about the “South Pole”. Have you ever done any research into the SP? Are you at all familiar with the Ice Wall “in” Antarctica? I will enlighten you, and I encourage you to research everything I say. There is a huge Ice Wall that encircles/encompasses the entire earth. Travel of any kind is strictly prohibited of the Ice Wall per the Antarctic Treaty, signed by 48 countries, making any sort of civilian exploration impossible. Admiral Byrd explored it, and never was he able to effectively map, or traverse the entire wall. We have no idea what is past the wall, or the true extent of Antarctica, and we never will as a result of the gov. Prohibition. For an idea of what the FE truly looks like, take a look at Gleason’s 1892 Standard Map of the World. The North Pole is the center of the Earth, it is true North, and the further you travel away from the NP, the farther South you travel, until you reach the Ice Wall, or Antarctica, which then circle the entire earth. Open your eyes.

    1. Well, the world needs morons too. Let us know when you find the edge or the dome. We'll be right here waiting

    2. 1. Because the Earth is too enormous for a brain as small as yours to comprehend. You don’t understand how absolutely gigantic the Earth is.
      2. That literally proves the Globe. On a FE, the horizon WON’T rise with the viewer. It will be below. But it’s not. The horizon rises with the viewer on a sphere you dumbass


    4. None of the replies are based on emotion. They use facts and reason. Here is one example, a quite short extract from the reply to point 43 at

      *The ice wall of doom!*

      Anyone may book a flight to or over Antarctica, just as tens of thousands of people do annually. A380 takes the polar route to Sydney. .*"The crew takes in spectacular views of Antarctica"*
      Antarctica tourism and South Pole flights -

      Antarctica flights-

      Tours in The Antarctic"over 45 thousand people visited Antarctica during the recent Argentine summer: it's a seven times growth in the last 16 years. " (2009)
      Discover Antarctica

      Antarctica Voyages-"A complete circumnavigation, from Incan empires to Brazilian beaches, icy Antarctica to the steamy Amazon — all roundtrip from Ft. Lauderdale aboard ms Prinsendam."

      Best Antarctica Cruises
      *Tourism in Antarctica* -
      Antarctica flights-
      First skiers in Antarctica-
      U.S. Department of State- Open Skies Treaty-" one of the most wide-ranging international efforts to date promoting openness and transparency of military forces and activities. "

      Antarctic Treaty
      System "establishes freedom of scientific investigation and bans military activity on that continent. " "in the interests of all mankind that Antarctica shall continue forever to be used exclusively for peaceful purposes and shall not become the scene or object of international discord." the USAP deploys roughly 3,000 people to Antarctica every year to conduct scientific research, or provide support to researchers through the operation and maintenance of the research stations and vessels.

      Jobs in Antarctica-

      As I said, there is lots more on the Antarctic at

    5. Another reply;
      You repeat Dubay's claim that "Proof #2. The horizon always appears flat and rises with the height of the viewer.
      That’s exactly what you’re seeing in the footage."

      Did you actually rea what I wrote. Did you look at the evidence of the water levels, showing the horizon drop?

      Or the photos using large buildings to test the horizon's level?. Or the disastrous test suggested by flat earther Antonio Subirats, which was carried out on camera by Critical Think and produced the result Subirats rightly idnentifed as proving a globe earth, not the one he Subirats predicted on the assumption that the earth is flat? Own goal!

      Before you tell me that my claims are false, you have to look at what I say. Clearly, you didn't.

  7. I am not going to reply to every point here, because most of them are already refuted, using reason and facts, not emotion, in the replies to the appropriate points.

    So let’s take the Gleason Map as a test case.
    Can you show me a version with a scale- you know, like 100 kilometres to a centimetre, or whatever? Because a map without a scale isn’t a map, it is a rough sketch at best.

    Yet no Flat earth believer ever gives a scale, for good reason. Once you have a scale, you can measure the distance on the Gleason map between any two cities. Compare that to any public source of distance and/or travel time. And in almost all cases, it will be wrong, especially if the line passes over any part of the southern hemisphere. Many routes between cities with regular air routes are simply too long for the range of any airliner in surface, according to the Gleason map.

    This is because on a globe, each line of latitude southwards of the equator is shorter. On a Gleason map., each one is longer. And the Gleason distance can’t be matched with the everyday experience of pilots, mariners or cross country travels. If you disagree, give me a flat map with a reliable scale, and we will look at distances and travel times.

    But there is another simple proof that the Gleason map or any other FE map produced, is nonsense.

    If you look at the southern skies from Cape Town, South Africa (18.4241° E), or from Ushuaia, in Argentina (southernmost town in South America at 68.3030° W, or from Melbourne Australia (144.9631° E). You will see the same stars in the southern sky, with the Southern Cross as the closest landmark for due south. In each place, the angle towards the southern cross is about 180 degrees, more or les due south. That makes perfects sense on a globe, as anyone can confirm by simply looking.

    Now, look at the Gleason Map. From each of these three locations, you are looking outward over the supposed rim of the disk. You will see exactly the same star patterns to the south, including the Southern Cross .Yet you are obviously looking in utterly different directions. The three lines out from the disk centre across the rim to the Southern Cross is roughly one third of the circle apart.

    Here is a diagram to make this clear.

    This one simple observation precludes any possibility of any flat earth map that works. If “South” is outwards from the North Pole to the rim and beyond, the same stars can’t be seen to the south from different southern longitudes, because they are utterly different directions, That is basic, simple geometry.

    Now, if you actually read the replies to Dubay’s claims, you will see that all your other points are refuted.

    p.s. By the way, I picked Ushuaia because it is a holiday destination where you can see for yourself that the midnight sun is real without going to Antarctica (which you can also do – no the Antarctic Treaty doesn’t forbid it, or block access. And no flat earth map can show how the midnight sun is possible on a flat disk, especially without illuminating the other pole at the same time

    More on maps, midnight sun and other unanswerable questions for flat earthers here:


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