Wednesday 9 March 2016

102) “Some heliocentrists have tried to suggest that the Pole Star’s gradual declination overhead as an observer travels southwards is proof of a globular Earth. Far from it, the declination of the Pole Star or any other object is simply a result of the Law of Perspective on plane (flat) surfaces. The Law of Perspective dictates that the angle and height at which an object is seen diminishes the farther one recedes from the object, until at a certain point the line of sight and the seemingly uprising surface of the Earth converges to a vanishing point (i.e. the horizon line) beyond which the object is invisible. In the ball-Earth model the horizon is claimed to be the curvature of the Earth, whereas in reality, the horizon is known to be simply the vanishing line of perspective based on the strength of your eyes, instruments, weather and altitude.”

102 False claim
First and foremost, every star's declination can be measured and verified through geographical latitude and rotation. Geographical latitude can be measured and verified by simply looking at the celestial pole. That also remains measurable and verifiable for either side of the globe, at any time of year, at any time of night, for every location in the world.

The following video provides a very simple explanation, why this is impossible on a flat earth:
(be warned, though, contains harsh language)

Furthermore, if this fantastic vanishing point existed, it would be impossible to see airplanes further away than the horizon flying visibly close to the horizon and there would be no valid explanation for radar (radiowaves, also a form of light, but not in the visible spectrum) being able to pierce through clouds and show us the shape of airplanes or even the moon, whereas it fails to show us any kind of landscape beyond the horizon. Radiowaves can travel through clouds, penetrate meter-thick brick walls, but for some odd reason have a terrestrial range limit..

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