Thursday, 17 March 2016

187) “The second law of thermodynamics, otherwise known as the law of entropy, along with the fundamental principles of friction/resistance determine the impossibility of Earth being a uniformly spinning ball. Over time, the spinning ball Earth would experience measurable amounts of drag constantly slowing the spin and lengthening the amount of hours per day. As not the slightest such change has ever been observed in all of recorded history it is absurd to assume the Earth has ever moved an inch. “

Except that there is no surrounding medium to slow the earth down. There's nothing in the near-vacuum of surrounding space to exert drag on the earth and its atmosphere. And the earth has already accelerated the atmosphere to match its rotation. 

Notice that Dubay does not mention what substance he believes would exert drag on the rotating earth.

This is yet more proof that Dubay does not understand the science he claims to disprove.

It's interesting that Dubay acknowledges the existence and effect of drag here. Yet way back in point 158, he called it "magical" (the word he uses when he doesn't understand something or wants to pretend it doesn't exist).

Perhaps he thinks that something magically keeps the atmosphere motionless despite the drag of its 196.9 million square miles of rotating surface ? Now that really would be magic!

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