Thursday 4 February 2016

25) “If Earth and its atmosphere were constantly spinning eastwards over 1000mph, then the average commercial airliner traveling 500mph should never be able to reach its Eastward destinations before they come speeding up from behind! Likewise Westward destinations should be arrived at thrice the speed, but this is not the case.

Yet another that is the same as point 20 and lots of others. And still wrong.  The aircraft is already moving at 1000 mph (or whatever) in the direction of the Earth rotation when it is sitting on the runway. Any more velocity it gains by taking off is in addition to that speed.

Mr Dubay, however many examples of flying things you give, there is still no reason to doubt that the flying object, the atmosphere and the earth all rotate together at the same speed, and any motion through the air in addition is relative to the whole Earth/atmosphere system.

So please don’t follow up with flying insects, paper darts, bats, arrow or any other examples of objects moving through the air.

We can see that you are padding out you “200 proofs” by making the same claim with many examples. Why not list every variety of bird, insect, bat, missile, ball and so on, You could soon claim “a million proofs” that way – and every one of them wrong for the same reason.

They all start at rest RELATIVE to the Earth and the atmosphere. So if I hold an apple in my hand, the apple, the Earth, and the air around me are all turning at 1000 mph (or whatever the speed is at my latitude).

If I toss the ball east at 5 mph, it is moving at 5 mph relative to me and the room, but at 1000mph+5 mph relative to a fixed point outside the atmosphere.

 Perfectly clear, perfectly logical. And not one thing you, Mr Dubay, have said offers any reason why that should be wrong. You just say, in effect, “Because I said so”.

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