Thursday 4 February 2016

30) In his book “South Sea Voyages,” Arctic and Antarctic explorer Sir James Clarke Ross, described his experience on the night of November 27th, 1839 and his conclusion that the Earth must be motionless: “The sky being very clear … it enabled us to observe the higher stratum of clouds to be moving in an exactly opposite direction to that of the wind--a circumstance which is frequently recorded in our meteorological journal both in the north-east and south-east trades, and has also often been observed by former voyagers. Captain Basil Hall witnessed it from the summit of the Peak of Teneriffe; and Count Strzelechi, on ascending the volcanic mountain of Kiranea, in Owhyhee, reached at 4000 feet an elevation above that of the trade wind, and experienced the influence of an opposite current of air of a different hygrometric and thermometric condition … Count Strzelechi further informed me of the following seemingly anomalous circumstance--that at the height of 6000 feet he found the current of air blowing at right angles to both the lower strata, also of a different hygrometric and thermometric condition, but warmer than the inter-stratum. Such a state of the atmosphere is compatible only with the fact which other evidence has demonstrated, that the earth is at rest.”

James Clark Ross notices that winds blow in different directions at different heights. And somehow this is supposed to be evidence of a flat Earth? Why? We all knew that. Why the longwinded quotations to prove a well-known but irrelevant point?

Have you never looked up and seen that high clouds are blowing in a different direction to the wind at ground level? How is that relevant to this question? Again, it is exactly what we’d expect on a “ball earth”, and you offer no reason to think otherwise. (By the way, James Clark Ross was a sensible scientist who never believed for a moment that the earth might be flat.)

It is a simple fact that the wind can have different directions at different heights, and that this is not a problem. The simplest demonstration is taking two regular fans, and putting one on the table. Make the air flow parallel, and there's no problem for making them pass on different heights. 

I did finally find one! Here, you find some time lapse videos that show clearly that it happens. This explains how it works. Here's another thing that explains.

Maybe Dubay has some unstated chain of reasoning that he thinks will help his case but he doesn’t explain what that is.

Such a state of the atmosphere is compatible only with the “fact” that the Earth is at rest?

Why? How? No explanation, no argumentation.

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