Friday 5 February 2016

57) “The establishment claims the Midnight Sun IS experienced in Antarctica but they conveniently do not have any uncut videos showing this, nor do they allow independent explorers to travel to Antarctica during the winter solstice to verify or refute these claims. Conversely, there are dozens of uncut videos publicly available showing the Arctic Midnight Sun and it has been verified beyond any shadow of a doubt.”

So there are no uncut videos showing Midnight sun in Antarctica?

Except here is one: 

Two options to keep hanging onto the claim: Either it was not taken by somebody from the "establishment" (that way it would still be a disproof of the flat earth) or it's fake. I assume Mr. Dubay would opt for the latter. So, what's the point in asking for videos anyways, if all videos are supposedly fake?

And even if they were, how is the video-evidence that verified the arctic midnight sun "beyond any shadow of a doubt" any different from the evidence for the midnight sun in Antarctica? This claim commits automatic suicide.

A bit of Google shows that this is a big point for flat earthers. It must be hard when things can be debunked so easily.

First, they claim that they do not allow `independent explorers' to go down there to 'verify or refute'. Perhaps safety concerns are in play?

There's a fun way to show that they're wrong, both in denial of the midnight sun and that nobody can go there.

You see, there are commercial ventures that advertise with it:

‘Crossing the Antarctic Circle is an impressive achievement, as most expeditions to the Peninsula do not reach 66° 33’ S. You and your shipmates will celebrate in style with a well-earned glass of champagne! With a toast to the first explorers who ventured this far south, you can take pride in knowing you’ve made it to a part of the world still visited by very few people. This is raw Antarctica, a special area that you’ll experience during the midnight sun if you’re on our first voyage of the season.’

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