Thursday 4 February 2016

33. “If “gravity” is credited with being a force strong enough to curve the massive expanse of oceans around a globular Earth, it would be impossible for fish and other creatures to swim through such forcefully held water.”

Why on Earth not? Should gravity have only 2 possible strengths; “Off” and “full on”? Of course not.

You can easily work out how much force a fish needs to exert to overcome the measured strength of gravity. And it’s easily within the limits of a small organism’s strength

Actually, this is  a doubly weak example, because fish have swim bladders that keep them floating at neutral buoyancy, balancing downward and upward force. It would have better if you had talked about birds rather than fish, but the principle is the same.

 There is no problem here, unless you are foolish enough to think that gravity must either be non-existent or vast. Mr Dubay is so foolish;  most other people are smart enough to see that there can be a very large range of possible strengths between those two extremes.

Daimonie has a nice explanation of lift at point 32 on his blog from the wings of birds and aircraft, which explains why it doesn’t contradict gravity in the slightest.

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