Friday 5 February 2016

51 “Antarctica is by far the coldest place on Earth with an average annual temperature of approximately -57 degrees Fahrenheit, and a record low of -135.8! The average annual temperature at the North Pole, however, is a comparatively warm 4 degrees. Throughout the year, temperatures in the Antarctic vary less than half the amount at comparable Arctic latitudes. The Northern Arctic region enjoys moderately warm summers and manageable winters, whereas the Southern Antarctic region never even warms enough to melt the perpetual snow and ice. On a tilting, wobbling, ball-Earth spinning uniformly around the Sun, Arctic and Antarctic temperatures and seasons should not vary so greatly.”

These “should not vary so greatly”. Oh, why not? They are different in many respects.

This was answered in Point 50, above. There are good and well known reasons why the poles vary in significant  ways.  The Arctic is most sea, the Antarctic is a large land continent. Read Point 50 for more deatls.

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