Wednesday 9 March 2016

113) “The idea that people are standing, ships are sailing and planes are flying upside down on certain parts of Earth while others tilted at 90 degrees and all other impossible angles is complete absurdity. The idea that a man digging a hole straight down could eventually reach sky on the other side is ludicrous. Common sense tells every free-thinking person correctly that there truly is an “up” and “down” in nature, unlike the “everything is relative” rhetoric of the Newtonian/Einsteinian paradigm.”

Before we get into the details, neither Newton or Einstein said the “everything is relative”, nor did they ever believe that. Newton, as is well known, was a devout Christian all his life. Einstein’s relativity is based on the knowledge that the speed of light, amongst many other things, is absolutely NOT relative. But then, Dubay doesn’t know anything about that, does he?

Dubay says : “Common sense tells every free-thinking person correctly that there truly is an “up” and “down” in nature” 

Well, of course there is: up is away from the centre of gravity of the earth or the moon or whatever planet you are standing on, while down is towards the centre of gravity. But he means something altogether less clear, and less rational. 

Weirdly, flat earthers try in vain to explain why things fall downwards using a range of confused ideas like "density" which depends on gravity  to work, or electromagnetism, which would make all the similarly charged objects on earth push away from each other. Yet the babyish assumption that southward directions on earth should  be "down" so that things fall off what they imagine is the "bottom" of the globe make no sense in the light of even these made-up ideas. Why would "density" pull the oceans or people off the "bottom" of the globe, into much less space "below" it?. 

Empty claim.

Well, just being unable to wrap your head around the idea that an invisible force can be strong enough to make materially seperate objects stick to each other, even when turned upside down, is in no way a disproof of the existence of that force.

The same way a person probably wouldn't believe in the existence of magnetism until being presented with actual magnets.

 Centuries ago many people wouldn't have believed that radios or airplanes could work because they had no understanding of their functional principles. 

Again, calling something "magic" usually means that you just didn't get the trick. 

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  1. Common sense perhaps also tells Dubay that "left" and "right" are the same for each person.


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