Thursday 10 March 2016

158) “If “gravity” magically dragged the atmosphere along with the spinning ball Earth, that would mean the higher the altitude, the faster the spinning atmosphere would have to be turning around the center of rotation. In reality, however, if this were happening then rain and fireworks would behave entirely differently as they fell down through progressively slower and slower spinning atmosphere. Hot-air balloons would also be forced steadily faster Eastwards as they ascended through the ever increasing atmospheric speeds.

Once more, Mr Dubay repeats a wrong claim, this time from Point 23. [lnk back to this] Before we look at the main point, why would there have to be any “magic” involved when a spinning world makes its atmosphere spin, too? Does he deny that friction exists , as well as gravity? If so, he will have a terribly hard time explaining the world we see around us.

If you spin a ball in a bowl of water, on the end of a rod, will the water stay still or does it start to swirl around, following the ball? What happens in a food mixer?  If the water  did stay still, that would be magic! So what could possibly stop the atmosphere from rotating  in something like the same way?

So why would the friction between the solid Earth’s surface and the surrounding gas NOT cause the air to follow the earth in spinning? What could possibly prevent it from doing so?

OK, so that squelches  the “stationary atmosphere” mistake  Dubay makes again and again. A flying aircraft/bat/baseball/ parachutist is flying WITHIN a rotating atmosphere, so there’s no huge difference between ground and air rotation speed.

The rest of this is a confused mention of the same coriolis effect we looked at in point 141. And as we say there, it’s an excellent piece of evidence FOR a spherical, rotating world. 

The links I gave in answering point 141  show how rain, and storms do behave according to exactly this effect – for instance, large storms rotate one way in the northern hemisphere and the opposite way in the southern hemisphere. 

Clearly that should not happen over a flat spinning disk, where every latitude, north or south, would be spinning in the same rotational direction.

Google “coriolis hurricanes” for more information. or watch these videos

You shouldn’t have mentioned that, Mr Dubay,. You just killed your whole flat-earth argument.

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