Thursday 10 March 2016

161) “If Earth were really a ball, there would be no reason to use rockets for flying into “outer-space” anyway because simply flying an airplane straight at any altitude for long enough should and would send you off into outer-space. To prevent their airplanes from flying tangent to the ball-Earth, pilots would have to constantly course-correct downwards, or else within just a few hours the average commercial airliner traveling 500mph would find themselves lost in “outer-space.” The fact that this never happens, artificial horizons remain level at pilot’s desired altitudes and do NOT require constant downwards adjustments, proves the Earth is not a ball.

Mr Dubay is repeating himself yet AGAIN. He said this back at point 15.

How can he pretend there are “200 proofs” when so many of these (wrong) proofs are the same argument repeated ad nauseam?

Right, briefly. “Up” or “down” in the atmosphere means further from the Earth or closer to it. If an aircraft flew in a ruler-straight line it would be gaining height and would have to use more fuel to increase thrust.

The height of an aircraft is determined by the balance between the downward pull of gravity and the upward left of the wings (or rotors in a helicopter). The amount of lift varies according to how fast the aircraft is going through the air. And to go faster needs more thrust.

Ask any aircraft designer. Or are they all part of a conspiracy too?

So, a level flight is one where the distance to sea level stays the same, not a straight line as a ruler measure “straight”.

“Within just a few hours the average commercial airliner traveling 500mph would find themselves lost in “outer-space.”

Of course not. If it tried to fly the “straight-line” course at a tangent to the surface, it would steadily slow down as it used more of it’s energy to lift itself further from the mass of the Earth. Eventually it would start to lose height again. 

If this happened in a controlled way, it would fly roughly on the level in a circular path over the Earth. If the changes of height and pitch were too abrupt, it would stall, and might lose control and crash.

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