Wednesday 9 March 2016

114) “Quoting, “On the False Wisdom of the Philosophers” by Lacantius, “A sphere where people on the other side live with their feet above their heads, where rain, snow and hail fall upwards, where trees and crops grow upside-down and the sky is lower than the ground? The ancient wonder of the hanging gardens of Babylon dwindle into nothing in comparison to the fields, seas, towns and mountains that pagan philosophers believe to be hanging from the earth without support!””

Point 114 Oh my! He’s done it! He has really used a version of the argument that “Australians would be upside down!” 

I know he doesn’t believe in gravity, but using that argument demonstrates that he doesn’t understand any of the idea he is disagreeing with. 

This is the absolute parody of the stupidity of flat-earth arguments. If you are the slightest bit tempted to accept this argument, you are probably lost to all rational argument. Enough said.

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