Thursday 10 March 2016

163) “NASA and other space agencies have been caught time and again with air bubbles forming and floating off in their official “outer-space” footage. Astronauts have also been caught using scuba-space-gear, kicking their legs to move, and astronaut Luca Parmitano even almost drowned when water started filling up his helmet while allegedly on a “space-walk.” It is admitted that astronauts train for their “space-walks” in under-water training facilities like NASA’s “Neutral Buoyancy Lab,” but what is obvious from their “space bubbles,” and other blunders is that all official “space-walk” footage is also fake and filmed under-water.

More claims without evidence!

Please show us such bubbles in video that is not obviously and openly showing pre-flight training in pools (the only way to simulate long periods of working in a weightless environment on Earth).

The only bubbles I’ve ever seen were obviously the opposite of the bubbles you get in a swimming pool; they were very obviously weightless blobs OF water within the air, not the reverse as we see in pools on earth. The astronauts were laughing and playing with the bubbles, catching them in their mouths, with no helmets on. If that had been under water, they would have drowned.

Luca Parmitano even almost drowned when water started filling up his helmet”: 

He certainly did, and the same problem happened during the recent live broadcast of British astronaut Tim Peake’s first space walk from the International Space Station. His companion was being blinded by blobs of water floating weightless in his helmet, and the walk had to be cut short.

Interestingly, this was the same spacesuit that Parmitano was wearing on the previous occasion. Sounds like a persistent fault.

So where did the water come from? There were two possible sources, and we can tell which one it was in this case.

The astronauts need water to drink, of course, during walks lasting for hours. If that leaks, the water will be coming from the front, up into their faces.That’s not what happened in these two case, though.
The astronauts reported that the water was coming from behind their heads, over the top.

The other source is the cooling system in the space suit. The sun gets very hot, and water is cooled and circulated to counteract that heat. If that leaks into the helmet, it will come from behind, and over the top of the wearer’s head. And that’s what happened in these two cases.

Nasa or the suit’s manufacturers will send you blueprints of how the suits work, if you want the details. And let’s have the raw video you mention in point 164, the detailed analysis, the qualification of those who did it, and any other evidence. 

More nonsense.

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