Thursday 10 March 2016

164) “Analysis of many interior videos from the “International Space Station,” have shown the use of camera-tricks such as green-screens, harnesses and even wildly permed hair to achieve a zero-gravity type effect. Footage of astronauts seemingly floating in the zero-gravity of their “space station” is indistinguishable from “vomit comet” Zero-G airplane footage. By flying parabolic maneuvers this Zero-G floating effect can be achieved over and over again then edited together. For longer uncut shots, NASA has been caught using simple wires and green screen technology.”

Well no. Nobody has ‘caught’ Nasa faking, except in their imagination. I watched Mr Dubay’s own video on this, and found the foolishness mindnumbing. However, it was another Gish gallop that would take 100 times as long to pull apart than to claim.  Maybe I’ll do that one day. In the meantime, look out for the examples of using a grain of “evidence” to claim  a mountain of proof.

There are no impartial analyses that produced that conclusion.

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