Thursday 10 March 2016

154) “The Felix Baumgartner Red Bull dive outside camera shows the same amount of “curvature of Earth” from surface-level to jump-height proving it to be a deceiving fish-eyed wide-angle lens, while the inside regular camera shows a perfectly flat horizon, eye level at 128,000 feet, which is only consistent with a flat plane.”

In Dubay’s still photo version of this, it’s very clear that the little slice of horizon we can see through the round window in the right-hand hot is only a tiny segment of the large horizon on the left. So we can only see a tiny length of the curve on the left.

But if you’d like a bit more;
Copy that picture and paste it into your favourites graphics program.
Zoom it out until  the double photo is about 15 inches wide on your screen.

Now draw a circle about half and inch across in the middle of the horizon in the left hand photo. You can’t really see much of a curve in that little chunk, can you? That’s how much you can see through the “porthole” from inside the capsule in the right hand photo.

You haven’t proved much, have you, Mr Dubay?

And there’s more .Now, draw a straight line across the horizon in the right hand photo, right across the porthole.

Oooh, look! That horizon is not quite straight , is it? Even in that little slice, you can see a tiny bulge of earth poking up above the centre of your straight line.

OK, this photo is so small that it’s arguable on this second point. It would be good to see a better, higher resolution version, wouldn’t it.

If I was you, I’d leave the photo evidence alone, Mr Dubay. This part of your argument  doesn’t make sense.

As for what the photos tell us about the real shape of the Earth, well, not much. They could be consistent with either a flat or spherical view.

Ok, let’s look at the view s that Mr Dubay refers to. He may be right. Maybe this is distortion caused by a wide-angle lens. There is certainly fisheye distortion in the video camera attached to Baumgartner as he descends. You can see it a the beginning of this video at around 18 seconds in until around 22 seconds. At first the edge of the Earth seems concave, and then as the camera pans down, it curves outwards. The same concave effect at around 6.15, too. Obvious fish-eye distortion.
So no proof of a curved horizon there. 

Of course, Baumgartner tells us that he saw a spherical Earth with his own eyes, but I expect you’ll say he’s lying, won’t you?

Now, what we see of the Earth doesn’t look much like the flat-earth description, but it’s a poor, blurry image, so inconclusive.

This doesn’t prove anything either way. 

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