Thursday 10 March 2016

156) “People also claim to see curvature in Go Pro or other high altitude camera footage of the horizon. While it is true that the horizon often appears convex in such footage, it just as often appears concave or flat depending on the tilt/movement of the camera. The effect is simply a distortion due to wide-angle lenses. In lens-corrected and footage taken without wide-angle technology, all amateur high-altitude horizon shots appear perfectly flat.”

Clearly, it wasn't called `200 unique reasons'.

Another one about camera lenses. Once more, I must point out that there certainly are amateur photographs of the curvature. As you can see in the images on SpacePhoto's Tumblr, the curvature there is visible (at ~22.5 miles - certainly could be visible, according to our calculations). The team doesn't detail it, but their description seems certainly educated enough to have used a lens corrector.

Another excellent example is a amateur built rocket with a non-"fish eye" lens.

It's quite clear, isn't it? Around 1:30 shows the curvature very clearly. I must emphasise that this is not a fisheye lens.

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