Thursday 17 March 2016

196) Quoting Marshall Hall, “In short, the sun, moon, and stars are actually doing precisely what everyone throughout all history has seen them do. We do not believe what our eyes tell us because we have been taught a counterfeit system which demands that we believe what has never been confirmed by observation or experiment. That counterfeit system demands that the Earth rotate on an 'axis' every 24 hours at a speed of over 1000 MPH at the equator. No one has ever, ever, ever seen or felt such movement (nor seen or felt the 67,000MPH speed of the Earth's alleged orbit around the sun or its 500,000 MPH alleged speed around a galaxy or its retreat from an alleged 'Big Bang' at over 670,000,000 MPH!). Remember, no experiment has ever shown the earth to be moving. Add to that the fact that the alleged rotational speed we've all been taught as scientific fact MUST decrease every inch or mile one goes north or south of the equator, and it becomes readily apparent that such things as accurate aerial bombing in WWII (down a chimney from 25,000 feet with a plane going any direction at high speed) would have been impossible if calculated on an earth moving below at several hundred MPH and changing constantly with the latitude."

All these points have been raised and refuted in this blog.

How does Dubay have the sheer nerve to claim that he has give "200 proofs" when he repeats the same points again, and again, and again....

On a different tone: at Point 188 in the video and 196 in the text version, Mr Dubay uses rabid anti-Semitic posters and propaganda as his backdrop to his claims of a world conspiracy. That puts him in bed with the Nazis and regardless of the dreadful historical and scientific nonsense he is spouting, he is taking a position so morally disgusting that no Christian or moral person should want to have anything to do with him. Sickening, in a way that the simple stupidity of the rest is not.

More of the same at, where he promotes his  video “Adolf Hitler versus the Jew World Order”

Yes, Dubay makes no secret of his admiration of Hitler

It is clear that the Jew shills have had enough…”

 He also endorses the views of David Duke, American white nationalist, antisemitic conspiracy theorist,  and former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. 

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