Thursday 17 March 2016

185) “We are told that the Earth and atmosphere spin together at such a perfect uniform velocity that no one in history has ever seen, heard, felt or measured the supposed 1000mph movement. This is then often compared to traveling in a car at uniform velocity, where we only feel the movement during acceleration or deceleration. In reality, however, even with eyes closed, windows up, over smooth tar in a luxury car at a mere uniform 50mph, the movement absolutely can be felt! At 20 times this speed, Earth’s imaginary 1000mph spin would most certainly be noticeable, felt, seen and heard by all.”

Already covered in point 121 and point 122

Since Mr Dubay loves to repeat himself, it seems I will have to repeat the answer, as well.

I’ve already answered “we can’t feel the Earth moving.”’ Again, we never feel movement; we feel changes in movement. If we were in a very smooth and silent train, running down very even unjointed rails on a dead-straight track at an unchanging speed, we wouldn’t feel or hear a thing. If the blinds were closed, we could not tell that we were moving at all.

Of course, no real vehicle is every that perfect; there are always some little jiggles or sways, at least.

But the Earth doesn’t rest on a road, or run on rails. It moves at a constant pace and a constant course through the empty vacuum of space.

What is there to jiggle us? When we feel the motion of a car, it's because the driver has turned  the wheel, or braked or accelerated, or because an unevenness in the road made the car lurch sideways or up and down. None of these changes in course or speed happen to the earth. So there is nothing for us to feel.

When we feel motion, it is because there are tiny hairlike sensor in our semicircular canal in our inner ears, immersed in fluid. When the fluid is jiggled, the hairs pick up the motion and transmit a signal to out brains, so that we feel the sensation of a change in the direction or rate of movement.  But the earth never changes direction or jolts , so what is there to feel?

Anticipating a misunderstanding: yes, the path of the earth is a curve (an ellipse –nearly but not quite a circle). But that won’t give the sensation of “turning a corner. The orbit of th earth is as it is precisely because it is an exact balance between the gravitational attraction of the sun and the outward effect of ‘centrifugal force (actually inertia. And the strength of both of these is constant over time, so there is no change for your inner ear to sense.

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