Wednesday 9 March 2016

124) “Amateur balloon footage taken above the clouds has provided stunning visual proof that the Sun cannot be millions of miles away. In several shots you can see a clear hot-spot reflecting on the clouds directly below the Sun’s spotlight-like influence. If the Sun were actually millions of miles away such a small, localized hot-spot could not occur.

A reflection of the sun on the top of clouds (his hotspot as he calls it) proves a flat Earth. Sorry? 

How? He claims that “if the sun were millions of miles away such a small localised hotspot could not occur”. 

Why not? Dunno - he just says so, with no reasoning. 

It’s a simple reflection. We see reflections of the sun in pools, ponds and puddles, too. As you would expect on a spherical earth. And this is claimed to be a proof of something?

The radial appearance of sun rays is a very simple effect of perspective. Every long pair of parallel lines will appear to stretch out as you get closer to them. Railroad tracks are a good example. You won't be able to tell any distance just by making the two lines seemingly converge.

If you looked at the sun rays in the following picture from sea-level, they would appear to be converging at the clouds, but they are not:

Even this flatearther got it right:

More on this in Point 125 

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