Thursday 10 March 2016

160) “It is impossible for rockets or any type of jet propulsion engines to work in the alleged non-atmosphere of vacuum space because without air/atmosphere to push against there is nothing to propel the vehicle forwards. Instead the rockets and shuttles would be sent spinning around their own axis uncontrollably in all directions like a gyroscope. It would be impossible to fly to the Moon or go in any direction whatsoever, especially if “gravity” were real and constantly sucking you towards the closest densest body.

A baby’s error. I knew when I was 10 years old that rockets don’t work by pushing on the atmosphere.

Rocket work in vacuum - Mythbusters

They work because they throw lots of mass out the back, very fast. And force equals mass times acceleration. The more mass and/or the higher the speed, the more the forward thrust.

And we don’t have to go into space to test this. If we put a small rocket (like the Jetex ones for model aircraft I played with as  a child, or a firework rocket) into a vacuum chamber, and hang it from a wire, it will whiz round. But there’s no air for it to push against. Theress only the natural law that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. A law that we can and do test in many ways, right here on earth.

(In fact, rockets work slightly more efficiently in vacuum.)

He thinks rockets work like propellers! 

No, Eric, it’s Newton’s 1st Law, 

If seeing Mythbusters fire a rocket in a vacuum .didn't help you understand, try this.

Oh, and “gravitized spinning atmosphere meets the supposed non-gravitized non-spinning non-atmosphere” is meaningless nonsense too. Gravity affects all matter in proportion to its mass and  the inverse square of the distance. 

There is no such thing as “non-gravitized” material. Mr Dubay says he knows that gravity is false, but how could he know that when he doesn’t  even understand the science he’s trying to refute, and can’t even state it clearly. )

And here's a video of a rocket working in space . No, it isn't from Nasa!

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