Thursday 10 March 2016

165) “NASA claims one can observe the International Space Station pass by overhead proving its existence, yet analysis of the “ISS” seen through zoom cameras proves it to be some type of hologram/drone, not a physical floating space-base. As you can see in my documentary “ISS Hoax,” when zooming in/out, the “ISS” dramatically and impossibly changes shape and color, displaying a prismatic rainbow effect until coming into focus much like an old television turning on/off.”

First, here is how you can check this for yourself, taking your own photographs of the International Space Station;

How to take Photos of the ISS (International Space Station) with a P900

As it happens, I’ve seen the ISS myself, passing over, like many other ordinary people.
How you could project a hologram so it would be seen by anyone who might choose to point a telescope at the correct position of the ISS is inexplicable.
If you can find a qualified optics expert who can explain how that is possible, please produce them.
Personally, I doubt that you know what a hologram is, or how it works, or you wouldn’t talk such nonsense.

Changing size and colour”?

Didn’t you state that the atmosphere is not clear, transparent and undistorted? And now you want to deny it when it suits you? 

As for drones, how would that possibly work? 

You would have to have a drone in the right position to be seen from any part of the world. Websites and apps appear to tell us here and when the ISS will pass over, and the positions would have to match calculations of orbit that anyone can repeat. 

The drones or imaginary holograms would only seem to be in the right location from a few narrow areas. Everyone else would see them way out of position, or worse still, would see multiple drones! 

So how high would these drones fly? The ISS orbits around 250 miles up, and the path it takes would not work for a drone flying much lower at tens of miles up in the atmosphere. Relative scales would be wrong from most angles, too. 

For another thing, the drones would have to be flying much too fast, in order  to match the visible rapid path of an orbit ten times higher – they would need huge amounts of fuel over long periods, and it would probably burn up if it flew so fast in the atmosphere. 

And because the ISS is so high, it can be observed by different people in widely separated areas at the same moment and over even larger areas in close succession. I suppose you could have more than one drone and try to finesse the courses. 

But again, how could you make it simulate the single fast smooth path we can and do easily see? If you had more than one drone up, the angles are such that we could easily see both in the same sky, which would be a big giveaway, and has never been seen. 

And as for 'holograms' in the sky,  there is no any convincing evidence that such a thing is even technically possible.

It is physically impossible to do what you claim – as well as absurd. And now you’d have even more people in on the 'conspiracy' :all the drone builders, ground crew and engineers and pilots – and not one would blab?

 Laughably improbable. I see why you have to try such wild explanations. 

Now, every curious ordinary citizen can see inescapable proof of space travel, which you are forced to deny. Desperation, and it’s only going to get worse as more and more organisations and even private individual put up spacecraft. OK, I’ll try to come back to satellites, photos etc in a while.

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  1. Does anybody have a link to a rocket launch with rear facing cameras, where the rocket continues out into space eventually showing the whole globe????
    Or how about live streaming of the earth by using camera mounted on geostationary satellite?


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