Thursday 17 March 2016

180) “The spinning ball model dictates that the Earth and atmosphere would be moving together at approximately 500mph at the mid-latitudes where an LA to NYC flight takes place. The average commercial airliner traveling 500mph takes 5.5 hours traveling East with the alleged rotation of the Earth, so the return flight West should take only 2.75 hours, but in fact we find the average NYC to LA flight takes 6 hours, a flight time totally inconsistent with the spinning ball model.”

I'll repeat the previous reply here for you convenience, since this is the same issue.

Oh dear, we are back to this again. Mr Dubay doesn't believe that the atmosphere turns too, and doesn't understand what that implies. 

I won't repeat the points covered before in claims 20, 21 and 22,  claim 25, claim 27 and at tedious length at other points. 

By the way, remember the coriolis effect - you know, the one whose effect on storms proves that the earth is a globe -  does affect the routes aircraft have to take. this is well known to all flight navigators, and is yet more evidence for the spherical earth. 

More on how coriolis changes flight paths:

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