Thursday 17 March 2016

178) “People claim Google Earth somehow proves the ball model without realizing that Google Earth is simply a composite program of images taken from high-altitude planes and street-level car-cameras superimposed onto a CGI model of a ball Earth. The same could be just as easily modeled onto a square Earth or any other shape and therefore cannot be used as proof of Earth’s rotundity.”

OK, I agree, for once, with Mr Dubay. Google Earth is not proof of an actual spherical world. It could have been created even if the earth was flat, or square or whatever shape you like. It's just an illustration of how it really works.

Still Google Earth, or an ordinary globe can be a useful tool for understanding why some of his claims fail.

For instance, some of his routes near the Antarctic are drawn using flat rectangular maps. See, for example, his claim number 43.

Not surprisingly, they give a very distorted impression of the shortest air routes, since a great circle (shorttest distance) route on a globe appears as a curve on such a flat map.

See these sites for more explanations of the distortions that arise from using flat rectangular azimuthal maps especially near the poles.

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